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Samanvaya 2018 - the much awaited event at SBS is scheduled for end October this year. The journey of dance, drama, music, song and fun will culminate on the 26th. Within this, there awaits you an eclectic mix of profound emotions, hard work, complete devotion and dedication as well as boundless creativity of the students. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the space to watch for updates on Samanvaya 2018 from the beginning till its culmination. The space that will provide you with joyous and exuberant anticipation.



Reporting helps us stay informed, and a good article gives the reader an overall sense of the topic. It gives insight while allowing one to connect the dots and understand the whole picture. This is what the reporters of Samanvaya 2018 aim to do. They work diligently to cover every piece, every inch of this show and build up the excitement. They give you little sneak peaks and keep you informed about everything going on behind the scenes and on the stage. Get ready as we send some chatty, compendious and communicative articles your way.


Sinuous forms in grace and beauty define the dances that will be presented this year. 'Navrasa', 'Thematic' as well as 'Art Installation' are the areas that will enthrall the audience for sure. 'Navrasa', as the name suggests, is a dance that will depict the nine aspects of human emotions through various dance moves while 'Thematic' and the 'Art Installation' are pieces that every individual watching them will be able to relate to.

One of the major attractions of Samanvaya 2018 is the area of 'theatre'. Showcased herein, are various aspects of drama that depict human emotions in myriad forms. Theatre in the 21st century has evolved manifold to give us one of the most amazing insights into the world of make-believe. These include 'Realistic Theatre', 'Image Theatre' and 'Shadow Theatre' amongst others. The names pretty much suggest the action that these forms of theatre contain. Don't they?



Music is known to cross all boundaries, geographical or man-made. To this effect, the pieces that have been included in this year's programme encompass different genres. 'The Circle Of Life' is a broadway arrangement wherein singers will produce all the harmonies, overlays and foleys (sound effects) themselves. The other 2 pieces, 'अम्बुआ तले' and 'लागी लागी' are traditional classical compositions that will speak to your soul.


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